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Motorized Roller Conveyor

Motorized Roller Conveyor Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune

We established as latest motorized Roller Conveyor manufacturers, suppliers in Pune to our clients which have been produced using modern technology in the industry. The presented conveyors discover wide-ranging applications in the logistics industry, assembly lines, warehouses and packaging procession for loading and unloading weighty equipment. With the international standards, we are offering motorized roller conveyors at a low price to support client contribution.

Motorized roller conveyor is manufactured in MS /SS round tube .the shaft with bearing at both ends with suitable load capacity is placed. The sprockets are in steel En-8 with hardened. Also sprockets are located in SS martial as per application Motorized roller conveyors are used to transfer boxes, bins, pallets. Gravity conveyors are used in transfer lines, logistics industry, ware houses, auto component handling and food processing, dairy industry.

Surface option for rollers :

  • • Zinc Plating
  • • Chrome Plating
  • • PU Coating


  • • Easy to install
  • • Reliable
  • • Flexible
  • • Low noise


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