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Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor Manufacturers, Suppliers in Mumbai

We are the leading gravity roller conveyor manufacturers, suppliers in Mumbai. We provide an extensive range of Gravity Roller Conveyors which is used for producing cost-effective and almost maintenance-free usage of commodities in different manufacturing applications.

These gravity roller conveyors come across applications like in warehousing, construction lines, accretion at set up or ending of motorized conveyors & manual assembly lines.

A gravity roller conveyor moves the shipment not utilizing motor power sources, generally throughout a person approaching the load all along a flat conveyor. Gravity roller conveyors transfer products from one work part to another. These gravity conveyors are a low cost way to move supplies. Also this gravity roller conveyor is a precious device when designing a material managing solution for your application.

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Gravity roller conveyor is manufactured in MS /SS round tube .the shaft with bearing at both ends with suitable load capacity is placed. Roller conveyors are used to transfer boxes, bins, pallets. Material handling roller conveyors are used in transfer lines, auto component handling, food processing, dairy industry Our Gravity Conveyors are a low-cost and essential solution to freely move goods at any stage of an operational line. PU coated Roller conveyors are Able to move heavy and awkward shaped items,. The units are incredibly flexible as they feature innovative interlocking sections.


  • • Easy to operate
  • • Excellent conveying mechanism
  • • Sturdy
  • • Most suitable for unit loads
  • • Cost effective
  • • Possessing long life
  • • Low maintenance

Surface option for rollers :

  • • Zinc Plating
  • • Chrome Plating
  • • PU Coating
  • • Food Grade Silicon Rubber
  • • PVC Sleeve
  • • Food Grade Silicon Sleeve

Specification :

Width up to 1200mm
Length Up to 100 meter
material of the MS /SS
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