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We Das Systems are leading manufacturer and supplier of Drop Forged Trolley in India | Das Systems Pune Maharashtra India.

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♦ The standard trolley assembly consist of two half trolleys together with any of the standard attachment which are bolted through the center link of the revitless chain.

♦ Overhead conveyor trolley assemblies are available for 3” 4” and 6” suitable for track sizes the trolley assembly consist of two wheels and brackets. Trolley assembly incorporate with following features

♦ Trolley wheels are flange-less machined from high quality material and toughened for long service life the countered wheel reduces friction and slippage on track and prevent cutting the web of the track

♦ Large diameter precision bearing

♦ Trolley bracket are drop forged high carbon steel with double ribbed cross sections that are designed not to bend or spared under load. a heavy shrouded bracket head protects the grease nipple from damage to which exposed pressed in fitting.


Trolley Size 6” 4” 3”
Drop 10” 8” 7 3/16” 5 ½”
Single Trolley Capacity 545 200 90
Capacity with Load Bar Arrangement 1000 400 180
Chain size 6” 4” 3”
I-beam size ISMB150x80 ISMB125x70 ISMB75x60
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